Hello everyone. I'm not going to pretend like I know what's going on here. I'm not hip. I'm not "with the scene." I'm just an average YouTuber-turned-Redditor looking for his place on the internet. I have a channel, and am desperately trying to broaden my audience. I'm looking for musicians that are capable of making music far better than I can do on my own, which shouldn't be a problem. I'm sick and tired of listening to the same garageband loops on YouTube videos. The Audio Portal here on newgrounds seems to be teeming with musical creativity and life. If anyone would be willing to let me use their music, I'd be more than happy to promote them via a link on my video, channel, or twitter. Anything, really. I want more exposure, and I'm sure most aspiring musicians want the same thing, so it's a win-win, right?! I hope I'm not barking up the wrong tree. I just came here looking for copyright-free music so YouTube won't rape my videos. I have no intentions of stealing any of it. If I use your wonderful tune, you'll be credited for it magnificent wonder. Thanks everyone! :D